Paula Bernardino

Publié le 11 Juin 2017
Pleins feux sur nos membres

Découvrez notre nouvelle série IABC/Montréal: Plein feu sur nos membres. Ils nous livrent leurs opinions sur l’évolution de la pratique de la communication et les incidences qui en découlent; se prononcent sur les tendances appelées à s’intensifier ou encore à disparaitre; ils suggèrent comment bonifier la valeur ajoutée auprès de nos clients et parties prenantes, et ils offrent de précieux conseils aux jeunes qui envisagent une carrière en communication.

Cette entrevue est disponible en anglais seulement


What do you find yourself spending most of your time doing in the sphere of communications these days?

I’ve been very fortunate to have been assigned the company’s Corporate Responsibility portfolio since 2014. In addition to managing our CSR strategy, I am also in charge of the communications for CSR.


What are the biggest changes that you see in the practice of communications today?

A positive change: the field of internal communications has become much more strategic and has gained a lot of credibility with the executive team.


In your opinion, what could we as communication professionals be doing differently to be of the most value to our stakeholders?

It is extremely important communicators show their knowledge of the industry they’re in and show interest in the business. Professional development should include attending business conferences and events specifically related to the industry. The C-Suite appreciates when communicators are able to talk the same language.


What is a trend or theme that you think will continue to grow, and/or what will die off?

It seems social media and digital communications are currently all over the place. I think this trend of companies wanting to be on social media platforms has reached its peak and will slowly die down.


What is your advice for young people considering entering the field of communications today?

Embrace the different aspects of communications : internal communications, external communications, investor relations… when you enter the field that’s the perfect time to explore and learn about as many aspects as possible… and you never stop learning. Make sure you keep up to speed with what’s happening in the field… professional development in this field is endless.


Paula Bernardino is Communications Manager, Corporate Responsibility & Engagement at RSA Canada.