The power of possibility

Published on February 1, 2016
News By Maria Constantinescu

I am writing this post on the heels of the IABC Leadership Institute (IABC LI) in Long Beach, a yearly event that brought together IABC’s International Executive Board,key staff and close to 200 current and future chapter presidents to exchange during three days of internal meetings, panels and workshops.

During the much-anticipated 2016 edition of the IABC Chapter Management Awards, IABC/Montréal proudly received two distinctions of merit for professional development and student activities conducted between June 2014 and November 2015. This is the third consecutive year when our chapter has been recognized internationally for the work conducted in Montréal by a talented group of volunteers.

IABC LI is very much akin to an exercise in internal communication, which has inspired not only the theme of this issue but also a new project that we hope will bring us closer to the internal communicators in our city.  So, without further ado, discover IC Kollectif , review mint IC research, and – last but not least – get ready to reactivate your knowledge of (internal) chemistry. And if you want to know more about what happened at IABC LI, check out the eponymous Twitter hashtag. Well worth your time.

I returned to Montreal reenergized, inspired by the projects under way within the IABC network, abuzz with fresh ideas and ready to share my new international connections with our Board. 

I’m also ready to share them with you.

Maria Constantinescu
President, IABC/Montréal | @miarmc

P.S.: A special shout-out to Lise Michaud, who developed the content of this internal comms edition of “You & IABC/Montréal”.