On disruption and other demons

Published on May 10, 2016
News By Maria Constantinescu

I just finished Clayton Christensen’s book, The Innovator’s Dilemma (2011), where among many brilliant insights, he penned the definition of disruption: a product that addresses a market that previously couldn’t be served — a new-market disruption — or a simpler or cheaper alternative to an existing product — a low-end disruption.

In our own way, this is how we’re working to scale IABC/Montréal. As IABC’s visible presence in our city, we are Montréal’s only international association for business communicators. No other professional association does what we do: locally, nationally or internationally.

We found our raison d’être at the intersection of business and communication. We’re helping
communicators hone their business skills
to gain admission to strategy war rooms. And we’re helping business leaders fine-tune the kind of communication skills that fuel meaningful relationships, productivity and long-term profitability.

You’ve seen us grow stronger and more confident: we represent the global profession, we are home to a diverse community, we create connection and we’re focused on insights and results. Year after year, we have been open, human, professional and inclusive.

This summer we’re also giving you bigger bang for your buck. We’re increasing the quality of the programming and we’re decreasing event prices. As a result, we now run the best and most affordable business communication events in the city.

Come meet the 2016-2017 Board on June 2nd for our signature event Rendez-Vous IABC/Montréal: FASHION DISRUPTION, join the global IABC tribe at the 2016 IABC World Conference in New Orleans and stay tuned for more surprises. If you heard rumours of an event on artificial intelligence and its impact on the communication profession, you may be on to something….


Photo: Dragos Stoica. All rights reserved.