It takes a community

Published on November 1, 2015
News By Maria Constantinescu

The new IABC/Montréal year is in full swing. We’re starting it on a high, thanks to a fully engaged community that supports us every step of the way.

Last year we asked how you see your professional future and what matters most to you from a career-development point of view. Your wish list was clear: develop business acumen, hone strategic skills, and participate in budget-friendly events.

We listened and, this year, we’re taking you places. Our November newsletter gives you the scoop.

Book your seat at our season opener on November 24 to hone your strategy skills by discovering three emerging economic trends and their implications for the communication profession.  Attend our half-day crisis simulation on January 22, 2016 at the most competitive price on the market. 

Sharpen your pens to write the new IABC certification exam and discover events that keep IABC-ers around the world on their toes (spoiler alert: we’re taking you to sunny Australia).

On the strategy side, watch our interview with Melissa Agnes for tips that will allow you to consistently deliver value to internal and external clients and find out what it takes to organize a successful webinar from PGi’s Jose Serrat.

December is almost here… Let IABC/Montréal take you places and remember to take us places with you.
Maria Constantinescu
President, IABC /Montréal