Beyond measure

Published on June 3, 2017
By Maria Constantinescu

Every two years, the end of May marks an important milestone for IABC/Montréal: our chapter is fully renewing its leadership team.

As I hand over the reins to the new President, it gives me great joy to look at the accomplishments of the many volunteers who invested time, knowledge and passion in making IABC/Montréal a stronger and better organization.

While much remains to be done, we have come a long way. Among the key wins:

  • Deploying a new brand on all channels
  • Creating and launching a new website
  • Revamping and consolidating external communications. We are now publishing a monthly newsletter, a monthly blog and we are running one of the best triple-platform social media feeds in the non-profit communication industry.
  • Becoming a springboard for excellence and high-performance.  In October 2015, we started the first conversations that led to the launch of IC Kollectif in February 2016. 16 months later, they became a top reference platform for internal communication professionals around the world.

The May issue of our newsletter focuses on measurement and we’re dedicating it to the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 Board members as well as to all the other volunteers who supported us from near and far.

You brought us to where we are now. And we’re just getting started.

With utmost gratitude,