A little more action…

Published on January 1, 2016
News By Maria Constantinescu

Three years ago I abandoned New Year resolutions and instead chose a theme word to guide the 52 new weeks ahead. While I love the process and the tangible wins it has brought along, the time has come for a tweak. One inspired by Ian Jeffrey’s December 11 update, titled “What Montreal must take from the Valley.”
The challenge he launched to the start-up community in our city has got me thinking long and hard:
“So, Montréal, I have a big ask for you.
“From this day forward, let’s make it our duty to actively help each other out for the greater good of the Montréal start-up community.
“Why? Because openness and collaboration is the fastest way we can improve Montréal’s start-up ecosystem.”
So, as a complement to my personal 2016 theme, I’m offering 52 hours of my time to one (or several) start-up founders in need of communication advice. And I am pledging another 52 hours to virtual or in-person exchanges with the great minds and hearts of our city, as well as the time needed to document these conversations and share them with you.
What are your New Year resolutions?

Maria Constantinescu
President, IABC /Montréal