Whether they volunteer on the Board, as speakers or workshop facilitators, as bloggers, mentors or in any other capacity (video production, translation, graphic design, events support), IABC QC’s volunteers are motivated by their desire to share and develop their skills and advance the profession. By actively engaging in the life of the chapter you will enrich your own professional life and benefit more fully from your membership.

Say yes to the opportunity to …

  • Join our Board of Directors and help us keep one of the most vibrant IABC chapters in the world at the cutting-edge of thought leadership
  • Participate in international projects
  • Connect with IABC members and leadership across the world and explore our dynamic community of practice
  • Support the implementation of our strategy at local level by taking on responsibilities associated with various portfolios

Share your insights and professional expertise

  • Attend our professional development events. We’ll make it worth your while.
  • Submit examples of your work and recent triumphs. We’ll feature them in our monthly newsletter and on our website.
  • Blog about what matters to you. We’ll review and feature your contribution in our newsletter. You may also be invited as a guest contributor on our President’s blog.

We’re always looking for volunteers to help with logistics and other event-related tasks.

Your reward? A free pass to the event you’re helping support.

Contact us today at iabc.montreal@gmail.com


Download the IABC/Montreal Chapter Board Nomination Form – 2021-2022