Have you signed up for the IABC World Conference yet? Why you should do it.

Published on January 5, 2019
Expert advice By Leslie Quinton

Maybe you were one of the rare people who did not attend the IABC World Conference in Montréal last June. Perhaps you have been debating whether or not it is worth your time (and hard-earned budget!) to attend an IABC World Conference. As someone who has gone as both an attendee and three times as a guest speaker, let me provide a subtle and well-crafted response. YES.

And in case you need more persuasion, I can be more explicit. There are many reasons why it’s a good (or even great) idea but let me give you my top three.

  • The calibre of the guest speakers, workshops and presentations are among the best in the world. I have been to many MANY communications conferences over the past 20+ years and long before I became more involved in IABC, I was always struck by the amount of immediate usable, practical content. I also appreciated the “real life” aspect of many of the presentations and how they address real and common business communications issues with smart applicable solutions that were worth every penny.
  • The previous reason alludes to this but it is truly excellent value for the money. You can get more practical information, ideas, contacts and professional resources in one day than you would in a series of similar conferences.
  • There are no real comparable conferences on an international scale – IABC’s conference is by far the ultimate place to get world-class insights. So if you are a global company or even work in more than one country, this is the best place to not only get insight on the best strategies with global appeal but also hear different perspectives that might positively influence your approach.

BONUS 4th reason: this year, the IABC World Conference will be held in beautiful Vancouver – yes, Canada is on a roll! What a beautiful place to be any time of year but especially in June.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

This article was written by Leslie Quinton, president of IABC Montréal and Vice President, Global Corporate Communications and Events at BRP Inc. (Bombardier Recreational Products).