The Next Level: a compelling report about the state of the IC function

Published on December 15, 2018
Expert advice By Maria Constantinescu

If you work in internal communication and you find yourself wondering what keeps your international peers up at night, you might want to download IC Kollectif’s recent report on the state of the profession.

Titled The Next Level: The Business Value of Good Internal Communications, the study is structured in three sections that look at internal communication through the lenses of business leaders, IC professionals and academia. 

At 164 pages, this is definitely not coffee-break reading. However, the information is so clear and so well-structured that you’ll be quick to zero-in on areas of specific interest to you and your industry.

In addition to 33 in-depth interviews with practitioners representing 20 industries in 25 countries about what it takes to deliver results aligned with business imperatives, you will also discover how industry leaders mange the blurring lines between internal and external communications. In addition, you’ll access research-based frameworks and resources to help you drive business value and effectively measure impact.

The report reveals a number of trends and changes worthy of consideration and makes the case for a solid understanding of the business as a non-negotiable prerequisite to being recognized as trusted advisors by senior management.

The report also presents the results of two academic research projects from the Organizational Communication Research Center and the Italian Association for the Development of Internal Communication.

The Next Level is available for download here

This article was written by Maria Constantinescu, Senior Communicator, PSP Investments and Past President of IABC/Montréal