Taking you to the next level // Business partnering: from functional expert to trusted advisor

John Molson School of Business, Rue Guy, Montréal, QC, Canada

April 18, 2016

As communication functional experts, we often feel that we struggle to make an impact at senior business level.  We have a difficult balance to achieve : work at the intersection of advice and expertise, while demonstrating solid business acumen to cement a reputation as credible advisors. To help you meet this challenge, IABC/ Montréal, in partnership with IC Kollectif, is delighted to invite communication experts – Directors, Managers and Senior Advisors – to a two-hour workshop with Stephen Welch.

Stephen will share new tools to guide your journey from functional expert to business partner.  Participants will attend an exciting session aimed at boosting their skills and at advancing their careers via an eclectic mix of sources.  Stephen will use a combination of frameworks, tools, experiential exercises and feedback proven to equip functional business partners, help them make a difference in their roles and, in the process, receive the recognition they deserve. You will leave this workshop with a workbook full of tips and ideas, including further reading tips. 

Whether you work in internal or external comms, this session is guaranteed to improve your impact on your work, your organization, your clients and your career. Become a business partner and start adding value to all operational units in a new and different way! 

About Stephen Welch

Stephen Welch is a senior communication consultant based in London, UK, who provides HR and organizational change counsel to companies in North America and Europe. Past-president of IABC UK and a member of IABC’s Global Editorial Board, Stephen Welch has published many articles on business partnering and how to make an impact as a communicator in Communication World Magazine and a number of  subject-matters posts on LinkedIn.

Thanks to our partners: John Molson School of Business, Isarta and Lasting Motion.

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