Published on November 19, 2021
Contribute to the science in answering this study.
Published on May 28, 2021
The IABC QC team is proud to relaunch its mentorship program, one of the chapter’s most popular benefits. Indeed, after pausing for a year, registration for members looking for a mentor or mentee is now open. Interested? Participation is free, but you must be an IABC member. Fill out the form here: https://forms.gle/edMc7dgTUAk1QJ8L8 For our […]


News By Gestion IABC
Published on May 14, 2021
The IABC Montréal Board of Directors is proud to announce that the Montréal Chapter is expanding its horizons by becoming provincial. The chapter remains the largest bilingual IABC chapter in the world. In order to better represent the members spread across Québec, the name of the chapter is changing to IABC QC. “The desire to […]
Published on June 21, 2019
IABC Montréal wrapped up its regular programming last night at its last networking event before summer and unveiled the highlights of its programming for the 2019-2020 edition. The members also elected their new Board of Directors with Stéphane Prud’homme as President. “I thank all the people who have come before me for 45 years who […]
Published on June 10, 2018
The 2018 call for entries is now open for IABC Canada’s national awards program, Silver Leaf.
Published on April 23, 2018
We are currently recruiting for IABC/Montréal Board of Directors for mandates that will run July 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019.
Published on February 20, 2018
By Colin Hatfield, Senior Partner, Visible Leaders – special contribution for IABC/Montréal
Experts were drawn from around the world to shape a slate of session offerings that will inform, inspire and enlighten.
Discover our new series IABC/Montréal: Member spotlight. Our members share their views on the most significant changes they see happening in the practice of communication. Today: Maria Constantinescu
Published on November 30, 2017
Bestselling author Seth Godin will challenge us to see things a little differently as we work to build effective communications that work.
Published on November 4, 2017
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Published on July 13, 2017
When we speak to people with a human tone, where our voice has a greater range and our vocabulary is more personal
Published on June 18, 2017
IABC/Montréal chapter’s Past President Alain Legault was appointed Secretary/Treasurer of IABC.

Beyond measure

By Maria Constantinescu
Published on June 3, 2017
Every two years, the end of May marks an important milestone for IABC/Montréal: our chapter is fully renewing its leadership team.

Panta Rhei

By Maria Constantinescu
Published on May 3, 2017
The new is often awkward and energy draining. Familiar and comfortable ways beckon at every corner. And no matter how hard we try, we seem to end up prioritizing the urgent over the necessary.

Measure for Measure

By Maria Constantinescu
Published on April 9, 2017
For many of us, March is the last month of the fiscal year and a time to measure each and every accomplishment in anticipation of the detailed performance reviews ahead. The highlight of my month was an hour-long interview with Julia Meighan, Chief Executive at VMAGroup, during which we discussed the findings of their most […]

A matter of principle

By Maria Constantinescu
Published on February 6, 2017
Sign and share an IABC petition that speaks to the core values that guide us.

The Best Year Yet

By Maria Constantinescu
Published on January 29, 2017
IABC/Montréal gives you a leg up on the competition with a list of carefully curated 2017 business and communication trends.
Published on December 24, 2016

Lose the frame

News By Maria Constantinescu
Published on December 22, 2016
Earlier this year we sat down with Louis-Félix Binette, co-founder, Creative Mornings Montréal; co-founder, Connexité Montréal and founding member of La MAIN.
Published on December 20, 2016
On December 14, Isarta Infos joined IABC/Montréal at Edelman’s offices. This is an overview of the holidays event that gave members and guests an opportunity to network and exchange.

You better work

By Maria Constantinescu
Published on November 27, 2016
Originally, our November newsletter was supposed to focus on the role of communication in preventing ethical lapses in organizations. The new reality we woke up to on November 9th called for a change of topic, as we ponder on the communication lessons from the most recent U.S. elections, an electoral campaign of many firsts.

Pedal to the metal

By Maria Constantinescu
Published on October 12, 2016
Starting this month, we’re aligning our newsletter’s editorial calendar with IABC’s CW Magazine, a business communication resource I recommend whole-heartedly. This makes October, the month to talk about next level PR and the changing status of our discipline. And, speaking of status, IABC/Montréal is very proud to bring you a new project that kept us […]


News By Maria Constantinescu
Published on September 18, 2016
We were very proud to partner with Candidio, a U.S.-based video production company, for a half-day video boot camp. We learned to plan and shoot our own web videos with nothing but a smartphone and we had a lot of fun in the process.  Relive the event – or discover what you missed –  via […]

And, just like that, it’s September.

News By Maria Constantinescu
Published on September 10, 2016
Do you remember the last time you had a “slow summer”? Right. Neither do we at IABC/Montréal. We’re moving at a fast pace and we’re excited to share the highlights. Earlier this year we were invited to a special event, where the Honourable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism, sat down with a […]

Sociofinancement – Pareil, pas pareil.

News By Maria Constantinescu
Published on September 6, 2016
This post is in only available in french. Aujourd’hui, un blogueur invité: Benoit L’Archevêque, Communicateur et entrepreneur technologique. Bien que nous soyons exposés à ce nouveau véhicule, peu de communicateurs comprennent les différences qui existent entre les différentes plateformes de sociofinancement. Voici en bref les grands concepts : Presque tous connaissent Kickstarter ou Indiegogo qui […]

On disruption and other demons

News By Maria Constantinescu
Published on May 10, 2016
I just finished Clayton Christensen’s book, The Innovator’s Dilemma (2011), where among many brilliant insights, he penned the definition of disruption: a product that addresses a market that previously couldn’t be served — a new-market disruption — or a simpler or cheaper alternative to an existing product — a low-end disruption. In our own way, this is how we’re working to scale IABC/Montréal. […]
Published on March 3, 2016
Spring is around the corner and – whenever it gets to Montréal– it will bring a sense of renewed energy and a desire to do better, go faster and achieve more.

The power of possibility

News By Maria Constantinescu
Published on February 1, 2016
I am writing this post on the heels of the IABC Leadership Institute (IABC LI) in Long Beach, a yearly event that brought together IABC’s International Executive Board,key staff and close to 200 current and future chapter presidents to exchange during three days of internal meetings, panels and workshops. During the much-anticipated 2016 edition of the IABC Chapter Management […]

A little more action…

News By Maria Constantinescu
Published on January 1, 2016
Three years ago I abandoned New Year resolutions and instead chose a theme word to guide the 52 new weeks ahead. While I love the process and the tangible wins it has brought along, the time has come for a tweak. One inspired by Ian Jeffrey’s December 11 update, titled “What Montreal must take from the […]

‘Tis the season to look ahead

News By Maria Constantinescu
Published on December 1, 2015
Once again, it’s that time of the year when the magic of the holidays meets the frenzy of resolution making.   Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve asked my professional network in Canada and abroad about trends to keep an eye on in 2016 and strategic habits that make a difference for business communicators. […]

It takes a community

News By Maria Constantinescu
Published on November 1, 2015
The new IABC/Montréal year is in full swing. We’re starting it on a high, thanks to a fully engaged community that supports us every step of the way. Last year we asked how you see your professional future and what matters most to you from a career-development point of view. Your wish list was clear: […]