IABC stands for International Association for Business Communicators, a vibrant international organization with thousands of members around the world. We are the only international communication association in Montréal and we connect communicators to a global network of professionals and opportunities. We address communication challenges by taking action.


At IABC/Montréal we play bilingually en Français and in English.  We are proud to be IABC’s largest bilingual chapter worldwide and we conduct the business of the chapter and promote communication industry excellence in both official languages. Our continuously growing member-base represents key industries such as manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, insurance, aerospace, finance, education, professional services, and more.

Whether they come from the private, public or third sector, our members bring to the table a wide range of skills and experience. They include some of Québec most senior level communication executives, specialists in virtually every stakeholder group and role, as well as new professionals who are just beginning their careers.  We also cater to a healthy student membership that brings a high level of curiosity, enthusiasm and energy to our chapter.


IABC/Montréal is passionate about the profession and fully engaged with the international and local communication community. We strive to be practical yet inspiring, grounded yet edgy, and also unique, just like Montréalers and Québécois are. We are citizens of the world and we want our professionalism and commitment to the highest industry standards to shine on IABC’s global stage.


We offer a variety of bilingual professional development events that advance the careers of our members. We also facilitate access to an extensive global network of peers and professional resources that allow Montréal-based communicators to identify, share and apply proven best practices in communications while staying abreast of international trends.

At IABC/Montréal, we believe in creating connection. Whether through local get-togethers, original research or collaborative work at national and international level, we are working to help communicators take charge of their careers and give back to the profession and to our home city.