New Communication Professional Certifications

Why become certified?

Professional certifications give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, and provide evidence of your outstanding abilities. They engage you in a process of life-long learning that elevates your career and provides a structure for keeping your skills fresh and applicable. IABC is only professional association that certifies professionals at international level and whose certification officially meets ISO quality standards.

A new series of certifications

The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC), a team of communication professionals assembled by IABC’s international executive board, has been working to develop a new series of professional certifications for communication professionals.  The program includes four levels of certification that recognize communications excellence in the following career categories: Foundation, Specialist, Strategic Advisor and Business Leader.  The Communication Management Professional certification was launched in 2015 and the Strategic Advisor certification level is expected to launch in 2016.  Foundation and Business Leader certifications are expected to be open to applicants by 2018.  More information about this series of certification is available here.

Honoring the past and looking to the future

Building on the history and understanding gained from the ABC (Accredited Business Communicator) program, this new series of certifications was developed in keeping with ISO (17024), an international standard for professional certifications. Many ABCs were involved in guiding the vision for this new program and ABC designees continue to be instrumental in its development.

Get certified as a mid-level professional

The Communication Management Professional certification acknowledges excellence at the generalist/specialist level, a mid-level stage in the communication professional’s development. Any mid-level professional looking to accelerate their career can benefit from this certification. Practitioners are active into roles with specific or general focus, where work experience provides opportunities for a more strategic and problem-solving approach. They apply a deeper understanding and practice of the principles set forth in the Global Standard and are at a stage where they begin to refine their career choices.

While they may be satisfied as generalists or specialists for a number of years or for a whole career, areas of expertise and responsibility will continue to grow. Some mid-level professionals never need or want to move away from this milestone, thriving on interdependent work. They will build expertise in at least one industry area including, but not limited to public relations, internal communication, branding, advertising, sponsorships , content marketing and more. They will develop credibility and a reputation while building strong internal networks of relationships related to their area of expertise and gain greater ability to develop strategic focus and problem-solving techniques.

The Communication Management Professional certification is already open to applicants. Learn more about the certification process from this Q&A [information available in English only].

The certification program for the strategic advisor level will be available shortly.