Board of directors – proposed slate IABC/Montréal 2015-2016


After the call for nomination and in accordance with the Chapter By-Laws, the proposed slate will be posted on the IABC/Montréal web site for 30 days. If no member objects to the proposed slate, it will be ratified and will take effect on June 1, 2015.
The following slate of officers is being presented for the […]

In Quebec Translation is Critical


Your business is at stake when you choose to “just translate” your corporate communications.

In Quebec, making certain your English and your French versions are not only translated, but also convey the same meaning, is critical. IABC/Montreal partners with translation agency Edgar to ensure our communications are professionally bilingual. Edgar agreed to answer our questions about […]

Speed Networking Event for Communications Students – May 5


Are you a future communication graduate looking for professional development opportunities? As the semester is coming to an end and the search for internships and summer jobs keeps you on your toes, turn to IABC/Montréal to help make your life easier. Join us for the largest student networking event of the season – May 5th, […]

Translation is Critical In Quebec Communication


By David Levesque
There was once a translator who heard that “you’ll be amazed” could be translated into French as “vous n’en reviendrez pas,” which is true on the face of it. Regrettably, the translator used this equivalence to translate an airline company slogan: “Essayez Air ABC. Vous n’en reviendrez pas.” (“Try Air ABC. You’ll never […]

5 big insights, 1 major conclusion

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IABC/Montréal Member Survey
By Deborah Hinton, VP Membership IABC/Montréal
Ready for some results from our Chapter’s recent member survey? Let’s start with the one major conclusion: Our IABC/Montréal members rock!
At the end of 2014, your Board decided we needed to know more about our members – their reasons for joining, their experience of […]

April 30: Employees Rising

Businesspeople Applauding

Employee activists are more than just engaged employees, they make their engagement visible, defend their employers from criticism and act as advocates, both online and off. In an era marked by unrest in the workforce, employers have a pressing opportunity to capitalize on their powerful supporters and work on curtailing detractors who have the potential […]