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Using technology to your advantage: A look at the webcasts

IABC/Montréal: Why should communicators use webcasts as a top information dissemination solution?
Jose Serrat: For messages to have impact, they have to be heard! And to reach large audiences, webcasts are the way to go. They offer no barrier such as physical distance and because they can be recorded and shared, the time of day is […]

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IABC/Montreal offers a job and internship advertising service. Positions include opportunities in communications (corporate, internal, external), marketing, public relations, social media, web content development, writing and editing, government and investor relations, and more.
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In Quebec Translation is Critical


Your business is at stake when you choose to “just translate” your corporate communications.

In Quebec, making certain your English and your French versions are not only translated, but also convey the same meaning, is critical. IABC/Montreal partners with translation agency Edgar to ensure our communications are professionally bilingual. Edgar agreed to answer our questions about […]

Translation is Critical In Quebec Communication


By David Levesque
There was once a translator who heard that “you’ll be amazed” could be translated into French as “vous n’en reviendrez pas,” which is true on the face of it. Regrettably, the translator used this equivalence to translate an airline company slogan: “Essayez Air ABC. Vous n’en reviendrez pas.” (“Try Air ABC. You’ll never […]